July 28, 2007

"A Question of Credibility"

Maluia-WCMS has received numerous e-mail requests for the name of the person authoring this blog. More than one has stated that it is “A Question of Credibility”. One stated, “If the press can't pin a name and face to an issue they won't as readily go with a story.” In this David and Goliath saga we hope that a sagacious decision to remain anonymous will remove focus from the identity of one to a cause for many. As a result of an intentional effort to discredit, slander, take job action against those that have been transparent or support our cause, there remains a need to be discreet. Past irresponsible, inaccurate press coverage on our situation has been more detrimental than good. Our hope is that by providing bibliographic reference, and access to documents of public record, credibility is not an issue. Consider why is it that Syngenta or involved State agencies do not face this same dilemma? From explanations of “wild spider flower” that was never a problem at the school or even growing in field #809 as a cause for student/staff illness, Syngenta’s retort to the “Obdurate Behavior” video that they were only spraying “calcium” (on mature crops?), Dept. of Ag investigators ignoring eye witness testimony contradicting Syngenta statements/records as well as their egregious investigation, the Dept. of Education’s safety division test sampling and analysis of W.C.M.S where there hasn’t been pesticide application in over a month, to Syngenta’s fear mongering tactic using public health concerns as a threat to employment resulting in employee disconcert. There is indeed a question of credibility that is growing. As per “A Question of Credibility” pertaining to our coalition's concerns we ask the simple question, “if it looks like poo, and smells like poo, is it necessary to taste, to be sure its poo?”

1. Image: "Credibility"

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