July 27, 2007

D.O.A (part 5)

"Dairy of Apathy" epitaph...

As a nationally recognized lawyer aware of the November incident and our current situation stated, “no one died so there are no damages. For every one lawyer representing your coalition, Syngenta will have ten. Someone has to die for us to get paid and no lawyer can go up against a company like Syngenta for free. Trust me there are many watching the school waiting.” As explained in an earlier post the agreement with Syngenta’s Doug Tiffany was negotiated. Tom Perry shared that at the agreement meeting Dr.Tiffany (Syngenta) admitted that when contacted in the past by the school that over spray was occurring, Syngenta’s policy was to continue spraying until done. This agreement was broken on 02/27/07 (see video). Syngenta continues to refine "Environmental Racism" as a social science with spinmasters offering specious excuses that are accepted without question by state agencies whose mission it is to protect the public. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Syngenta employee told members of Maluia-WCMS that field #809 is a pesticide test field. Syngenta's own record of the varied regiment of chemiclas used on the field supports this claim. They also shared that Syngenta plants cleome gynandra as a soil enriching nitrogen crop as well as an “odor masking” agent. Up until the last week of the school year 2006-2007 there were “spikes” of illnesses indicative of chronic pesticide poisoning. Classes were relocated and additional pesticide misuse complaints were filed with the Dept. of Agriculture. Following past paradigm, inspectors took "swab" samples days after the exposure incident in areas of campus far from application points. Continued efforts are being made to characterize public health concerns as a threat to employment, the work of "fanatics", and student/staff illnesses as "hysteria". It is a pattern of behavior Syngenta has worked hard at perfecting in other parts of the country and world. Informal attempts show a significant correlation of Syngenta spray dates and student/staff "spikes" of illnesses. These illnesses are all listed on known chemical MSDS Syngenta has sprayed on field #809 and indicative of chronic pesticide exposure and poisoning. Due to legal issues of privacy we are unable to post e-mails that corroborate our position and videos further. As the 2007- 2008 school year begins Kikiola Land Ltd. has made a decision to clear the hedgerow that acted as our only protection from Syngenta's weekly spray schedule. Now when the winds blow out of the western hemisphere chemical drift will permeate across our campus unabated. Our only recourse at present is to hold our collective breath, literally. The end?.

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2. GoogleEarth map of field #809
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