July 23, 2007

D.O.A. (part 3)

"Diary of Apathy" continued...

The following day winds turned trades (northeast) giving a brief reprieve from the vile odor emanating from field #809 (1). Many parents kept their children home for reasons of continued illness or abject disbelief of the given explanation. Those that braved coming to school experienced a similar malaise with “flu-like” symptoms. On 11/16/06 winds turned westerly. Once again entire classes were moved to the cafeteria or library and for those that there remained no room it was necessary to remain in the classroom till days end. Tom Perry (HSTA) returned to campus and pleaded emphatically to the school’s administration for the school to be closed. Contrary to published reports, in truth the school was closed as a result of teachers concern for the students agreeing in mass to a sick out (2). Students and staff were not aware of the school’s official closing until the morning of 11/17/06. Syngenta acting as savior continued to present on-going spray operations as an effort to rid wild spider flower (cleome gynandra) from the field (3). Contradicting eyewitness testimony, Syngenta’s Doug Tiffany stated publicly that, “There hasn’t been an herbicide sprayed in over a month in the nearest field” (4). Field #809 (directly west of W.C.M.S) was subsequently planted with G.M.O. corn (5). On 11/21/06 D.O.A. Program Manager Robert Boesch, D.O.A. Pesticide Specialist Ann Kam, and Randy Heiga (D.O.E safety officer) addressed the staff in the school’s library. To be continued…

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Anonymous said...

This photograph was taken from a classroom less than 100 feet away. The following day numerous students and staff members complained of nausea, diarrhea, and severe headache.