July 21, 2007

D.O.A (part 2)

"Diary of Apathy," continued...

Members of the Kauai Fire department and K.P.D. arrived at Waimea Canyon Middle School (W.C.M.S) with blithe ignorance of the true situation. Officials for the Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Health, as well as Syngenta arrived later in the day (1). Syngenta spray vehicles had since been removed from the field adjacent campus (field #809). Michael Girod from Syngenta foisted into an investigation that narrowed down the most likely culprit as wild spider flower (2/3). Samples of the weed were put in a bucket and brought around for teachers to identify if it was the same smell (4). The majority of staff surveyed agreed that the weed lacked the fuel like chemical smell believed to be causing student/staff illness. D.O.A. officials proceeded with a "swab" sampling of window surfaces. With a heavy foliage hedgerow demarcating field #809 and the campus, as well as heavy rains throughout the previous week; contrary to E.P.A. recommendation this was the only sampling technique employed (5). Although given copies of known sprayed chemical MSDS information, eye witness testimony that spray operations occurred in an area Syngenta denied working; voiced concern of possible pesticide exposure was met with vehement exclusion by investigators. Interestingly once completed all officials moved to the front lawn of the administration building on the furthest eastern border of campus. Meanwhile students and staff filled the cafeteria and library trying to get away from the chemical smell. Without any additional locations to relocate, many students and staff were forced to remain in their classrooms. At days end insouciant Dept. of Health as well as Dept. of Agriculture personnel never recommended those affected report to a health care professional for an “AChE test” (6). To be continued...

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