July 27, 2007


A repeat performance...

On 07/25/07 at 1pm Syngenta field workers were instructed to begin plowing field #809 (ag lands directly west of campus). Teachers reported seeing spray vehicles applying chemicals the week before on this same plot of land leased from Kikiola Land Company Ltd . The winds were a steady 10 knts. southwest with gusts of 20 knts. Clouds of pesticide-laden dust blocked out the clear sky as it was blown over Waimea Canyon Middle School campus. Teachers that were preparing their classrooms prior the official return date ran to close jalousie windows in an effort to prevent the assault Syngenta once again perpetrated upon the school. The audacity of Syngenta's most recent pernicious action is indicative of an omnipotent attitude and absolute disregard for the welfare of children that will only be resolved with legislation. Unaware of it's origin, teachers returning for their first day of the school year 2007-2008, spent a large part of the day cleaning the layer of dirt left on the desks, chairs, and other classroom surfaces when the death cloud settled and the sky again cleared. Those that were aware exhaled only at the fact that students were not present at the time. S.O.S (Save Our School).

1. Poster: "Warnings on Use of Pesticide"
2. GoogleEarth map of field #809

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Anonymous said...

Syngenta's response to this incident was to minimalize what occurred, provide false meteorologic data that justified plowing, and to lay blame on employee's that were only following direction. Given state agencies willingness to believe Syngenta and follow the status quo; it is evident that only legislation will hold those that perpetrate Environmental Racism as a social science accountable.