July 27, 2007

D.O.A (part 4)

"Diary of Apathy" continued...

As if a team from a hired Syngenta public relations firm, D.O.A. Program Manager Robert Boesch, D.O.A. Pesticide Specialist Ann Kam, and Randy Higa (D.O.E safety officer), launched into a presentation characterizing Syngenta as a savior from the terrible wild spider flower. Randy Higa explained that he had been asked to facilitate the meeting and for teachers to, “trust Syngenta.” He went on to explain that Syngenta would now spray the field with herbicide in their effort to eliminate the wild spider flower. Teachers remonstrantly challenged that they had witnessed spraying in field #809 beginning 11/03/06 (1). In response Ann Kam announced forcefully, “nothing was sprayed on that field.” Robert Boesch then interjected that, “ there is no reason to believe differently.” Speaking over a maelstrom of comments as if speaking to himself, Mr. Boesch ignored staff protests and continued his presentation. Showing aerial photographs of fields’ miles away that Syngenta reported spraying, Mr. Boesch stated that it was impossible for the chemicals to be carried on the wind that distance. When asked about the investigation, Mr. Boesch shared that inspectors did not take foliage samples or soil samples, but did take “swabs” from the windows. It’s important to note that at the time of this presentation the results of the D.O.A investigation had not been completed. Also of note is that despite witnessing spray operations occurring contrary to Syngenta’s claims, school administrators didn’t join staff members in filing misuse complaints. On 01/10/07 The Garden Island newspaper published the results of the D.O.A. investigation which exonerated Syngenta by default. Review of the D.O.A. Syngenta Seeds, Inc./Waimea Canyon School Report Summary shows no mention of #809 and identifies the field closest to the school as field #802.1 (2). To be continued...

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