August 16, 2014

Conspiracy Theory

or Complacency?

Mid-day spraying witnessed by teachers on ag land adjacent Waimea Canyon Middle School campus (Kauai).  Foul fuel like odor/taste in the air. Students complaining of headache, eye irritation, difficulty breathing, nausea, dizziness. W.C.M.S. teacher calls Dept. of Health, referred to Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture pesticide division Ann Kam.  Told by Ann Kam that she was going on vacation and that she would send someone to the school to investigate.  Ann Kam sends Syngenta employee to school.  Syngenta employee (Michael Girod/Doug Tiffany?) came to campus and spoke with Vice Principal.  Individual was escorted around campus by Vice Principal.  Syngenta employee tells Vice Principal that Syngenta had no spray operations taking place in adjacent field (#809).  Syngenta employee suggests odor/irritant caused by Cleome Gynandra ("Stinkweed").  See video of Syngenta spray application on field #809.  

HAZMAT called to school.  10 children taken to the hospital, 170 visited the health room as per Health Room records (Nov. 13-17, 2006).  "Principal Glenda Miyazaki could not confirm the number of students who went home that day (2)." Syngenta employees also respond to the school and again suggest odor/irritant caused by Cleome Gynandra ("Stinkweed").  A bucket of Cleome Gynandra is brought around to teachers asking them to smell the weed to confirm the genesis of odor/irritant.  Not one teacher confirms smell causing irritation and discomfort as being similar.  The Garden Island Newspaper publishes article, "Stinkweed" sends some home from Waimea Canyon School (2)."  "Syngenta official ordered the plowing under of a field bordering a school in Waimea..." (2).  Syngenta official ordered the plowing under of a previously cultivated field (see video)?  Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture summary report of incident (Jan. 8, 2007) confirms pesticide application on fields adjacent W.C.M.S. campus beginning Oct. 20, 2006.  Report states that, "On October 20, 2006 to November 6, 2006 Syngenta Seeds, Inc. applied the pesticide Eradicane to fields west of Waimea Canyon School (1)." The Jan. 08, 2007 Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture's summary report does not identify what fields Eradicane was applied to despite doing so for other applied pesticides.  Syngenta administrator Doug Tiffany has letter published in The Garden Island Newspaper titled, "Addressing odor concerns..." (2).  Eye witness testimony and video evidence contradicts Syngenta records and Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture report of no pesticide application on field #809 (field adjacent W.C.M.S. western border shown in video). Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture investigation and sampling occurs weeks after known applied pesticide(s) half life and heavy rains.  Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture generates a 1,500-page report of the incident which was purchased by the Hawaii State Teachers Association and reviewed by Dr. Lorrin Pang at the Waimea Canyon Middle School campus library.  The report was stored at the school.  The unredacted 1,500-page report went missing after Principal Miyazaki's retirement (2013).  Attempts to locate the whereabouts of the report were unsuccessful despite requests by the Hawaii State Teachers Association.

Support the County of Kauai's Ordinance 960 and those Kauai County Council Members and candidates that will fight to protect your children and Kauai nei. 
"Conspiracy Theory or Complacency?"
To Be Continued...

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