February 10, 2014

Where Are the Heroes?

TheOldTechnician wrote...
"As you can see, the amounts in your graph are far, far below what could even begin to have an effect, let alone cause widespread sickness." 

 Maluia-WCMS reply...
"Considering the data represents air samples taken 3 yrs. after any active spraying, the air samplers including the high volume sampler were blown over and filled with rain throughout the study, Syngenta was cultivating Cleome Gynandra ("Stinkweed") during the study period; the data is frightening. You don't have to be a scientist to infer what pesticide levels were when Syngenta was actively spraying Chlorpyrifos 100yds. upwind of classrooms with children of reproductive developmental age. The 4 women teachers that were pregnant at the time of the spraying who birthed children with special needs, the 20 children taken to the hospital during acute drift incident's, the hundreds of other children that suffered through those same incident's without reprieve, and the multitude of teachers who left the school to then have a myriad of symptoms all listed on the known applied pesticide "Materials Safety Data Sheet" cease ask; what kind of person seeks to justify the poisoning of children?"

On 01/29/14 with west winds @ 15+knts. as children played outside during morning recess, our "Good Neighbor" Syngenta was applying pesticide upwind of Waimea Canyon Middle School. Lorsban is the only restricted use pesticide listed on the "Good Neighbor" log provided to the school. "Epidemiologic evidence demonstrates associations between early life exposure to pesticides and pediatric cancers, decreased cognitive function, and behavioral problems (1)". The EPA cites Lorsban as causing potential nervous system and brain damage to children. It has been banned by the E.P.A for residential use and is banned in the European Union (2). Sen. Clarence Nishihara and any other cynic that considers any voice against GMO Ag practices as emotional or fanatic need to spend time at the school (3,4). Then they'll feel the truth. This isn't a game or exercise in ego. For those at ground zero, the effects are real! Many teachers have left the school with symptomology associated with pesticide exposure without continuance once out of the environment.  We don't have time to wait for discourse, we're getting poisoned. STOP POISONING OUR CHILDREN (5)!

Western border fence of Waimea Canyon Middle School, 01/29/14 @ 9:45am.

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