April 9, 2009

Theater 101

Staged: the scene of an event or of a series of events, untrue.

The existing condition or state of affairs is known as the status quo. Staged events occurring are not always presented for viewing, but as an illusion.
Take for instance a white lab coat. I'm ready to allow the cosmetics girl at Macy's to do my hip replacement. "Sorry if I offended you. I didn't know you didn't have a background in science."Fortunately her goals do not threaten biodiversity. Or, take for instance an air sampler in June taking samples on the roof of a building for "asbestos". Looks official, sounds official, somethings wrong? Lets' set up another one at the Dept. of Labor guy's house. Good idea, high five. A stage is not a platform when it is a position. A study is not a study when it is staged. It's beyond amazing what some do to ensure a status quo. In fact it's criminal. You'll find what you look for. Our C.B.P.R. continues...

" I did my apprenticeship in the GMO seed/Pesticide industry.
My friend's call me Doug."

1. Image: Dr. Evil
2. C.P.B.R: see April 17th, 2008 blog entry.

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