March 9, 2009


by John Grisham

Hawaii - 2009
While the media whips up an emotional tide of focus on House Bill 444 (RELATING TO CIVIL UNIONS); as if using John Grisham's novel "The Appeal" as a script, House Bill 1226 (RELATING TO GENETICALLY MODIFIED PLANT ORGANISMS) slithers it's way through the Hawaii State Legislature with little opposition.


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Richard said...

Very good news from Hawaii Island, as of last night (4-22-2009)!

"Aloha friends
Today, after many hours of testimony on quite a few issues, the Hawaii County resolution 81-09, which was introduced by our wonderful Councilman, Pete Hoffmann, passed 9-0. This reso was a response to the Hawaii House of Representatives HB1226, which would have pre-empted counties AND the state of Hawaii from making any new laws in opposition to, or in regulation of GMO crops. It also banned labelling of gmo crops. So today was a bold statement by the council telling the State Legislature NO, do not pass this anti-democratic Bill (HB1226). This resolution came after the Maui county council passed a very similar resolution in March. So two of the four counties of Hawaii have made this strong statement. Let's hope that Kauai is next! FYI HB1226 is asleep until the second year of its legislative life (2010) It passed the House this 2009 session, but it did not get a hearing in the Senate. Hopefully the Senate will be able to keep this
bill from being heard next session. At least now the counties are making their voices heard.

Mahalo for all your support.
Una Greenaway
Nancy Redfeather
Hawaii Island"