May 28, 2007

Risk Assessment Petition

The "Risk Assessment Petition" is representative of over 90% of adult staff currently working at Waimea Canyon Middle School. The signatures were gathered over a 2-day period. Due to time constraints and extenuating circumstances not all staff members had the opportunity to sign. Maluia-WCMS has posted an online "Risk Assessment Petition" form that community members and parents may sign. The original "Risk Assessment Petition" has been sent as a separate document to HSTA, Governor Lingle, the Board of Education, State Representatives, and the EPA.

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Anonymous said...

This photograph was taken from inside a classroom less than 90 feet away. Students and staff were on campus at the time. The flag at the bottom right of the picture shows a westerly wind direction blowing from the field towards WCMS campus. As a result of repeated incidents teachers in T-building (located adjacent ag lands) keep their windows closed despite the heat.