May 27, 2007

E Komo Mai (Welcome)

Thank you for your support and comments. We welcome positive or negative comments and believe that the letter "D" in democracy stands for difference, dialogue, determination, decision.
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Anonymous said...

In a true democracy investigative findings are determined through the collection of factual evidence, not by "default".

Anonymous said...

maybe some lead poisioning ?

Anonymous said...

Why are you all just targeting Syngenta? Isn't there another company on the Lihue side of the bridge called Pride Seed? Does anyone remember when our parents were working in the plantations. All the spraying that was done back then and no one complained. Also the mosquito truck that use to come by our homes and spray clouds of chemicals to kill the bugs. If we are to get sick, it would have been from that. Not from the spray they are using now. Come on, they spray it on the highway when you are driving by. Do you stop or not pass that area because of that? I think not.