October 2, 2012

Got Headache? (Part 1)

Rise and rise again until lambs become lions" (3)

 Why do I have a headache?  "Global use of pesticides creates substantial health impacts in all parts of the world, although the exact toll is difficult to pinpoint, given both the various chemicals and types of exposure. In short, not all pesticides are equally risky, and not all people are equally at risk. Effects can be divided broadly into two categories: acute effects, which appear immediately or very soon after exposure; and chronic effects, which may manifest themselves many years later and whose origins are often difficult to trace (1)." Pesticide use and the agriculture of GMO crops are symbiotic and synonymous.

Lawrence Plumlee, M.D. and former Medical Science Advisor, EPA Office of Research and Development's position is, "We are all part of a large uncontrolled experiment. And we're not getting answers because we don't know whose eating genetically engineered foods and who isn't. So, we have no way to do the studies. I suspect that this is the intention of the manufacturer.  Let's so confuse the situation that no liability could ever be ascertained, even if there is a big problem(2)." 

Testing one, two, three. Testing one, two, three. Testing one, two, three.. "Risk = Toxicity + Exposure"

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2. "Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of our Lives" a film by Jeffery Smith; quote Lawrence Plumlee, M.D. 
3. "Robin Hood"(a film by Ridley Scott) movie quote  
4."What are the Potential Health Effects of Pesticide" 

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