June 5, 2012


People of Aotearoa,

After touring your country it has become evident that you are under attack by the GMO pesticide industry. The same industry(s) that has reduced American Farmers to becoming seed subjugates, is applying its pogrom of enticement, recruitment of obsequious community leaders, and manipulation of public thought through specious arguments, in your beautiful country of New Zealand.
Maluhia Group asks you to learn from those who've succumbed to the foisted reality this industry brings to communities and be aware of the unforeseen damage GMO agricultural practices will bring to your pristine lands and people.
Distracted public attention on inane issues facilitates an industries concentrated efforts to  manipulate the democratic process and direct legislative discourse.
As ad interim saviors enticing economically depressed areas (often having low literacy rates) they develop a misinformed public base. Manipulated data supports the "positive" affects of their efforts thus supporting continued growth of their initiatives.  Solely profit driven; their negative impact will be measured decades from today. Please participate in due diligence and see that these are not the words of a daft madman, but those of one who believes in freedom and our responsibility as stewards of the land.



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