November 1, 2010

D.O.A. (part 10)

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. (1)"

So often we forget. They changed the trash pick-up to Thursday, now I'm really screwed. Over a two year period less the same time past, 20 school children were taken to the hospital in Waimea. What happened? I forget. It happened again about 2 miles west. Twenty seven people have died of cancer in my neighborhood. Oh. There's a neighborhood in Wailua that has almost that many children diagnosed with A.S.D. (2). It's like Erin Brockovich. No. It's like Michael Clayton. That was a screen play, not real (3). Is Erin Brockovich real? Some parts. Communities were torn apart and change occurred. "Make a solemn promise: to enjoy our rightful part of the riches of this land, to throw off the yoke of being considered as agricultural implements or slaves. We are free men and we demand justice (4)."

1. George Santayana. The Life of Reason or The Phases of Human Progress: Reason in Common Sense 284 (2nd ed., Charles Scribner's Sons, New Your, New York 1924
2. Autism and Pesticide Exposure
3. Askville by amazon:
Is the movie Michael Clayton based on a true story?
4. UC Davis: Cesar Chavez

5. Image: "The Thinker" at the Rodin Museum, Philadelpia, PA

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