April 1, 2010

April Fool's

Trouble on the Farm...

Attempts to discover what happened to the County of Kauai City Council's $50,000 contribution to CTAHR to study Cleome Gynandra have gone unanswered. This weed was blamed for 2 years of student and staff illness at Waimea Canyon Middle School on the island of Kauai. During acute incident's students and staff were taken to the hospital. Coincidentally, it's been 2 years since pesticide spraying on bordering ag land leased by Syngenta ceased and there have been no incidents of illness "spikes". Attached are photos taken on 02-24-2010 of Field #809 covered in blooming Cleome Gynandra. No one was taken to the hospital. The field was plowed under on 02-26-2010. This plowing cycle has been occurring for the past 2 years covering the campus in pesticide lading dust(2). Cleome Gynandra is the only weed that grows in the field now .

1. Trouble on the Farm - Growing Up with Pesticides in Agricultural Communities
2. Practice Prevention
2. Pictures of Field # 809 taken 02-24-2010
21-57-44.20N / 159-40-29.86W

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