November 1, 2009

Action Alerts

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"...we're asking the government to set safety standards protecting children who grow up near farms from the harmful effects of pesticide drift—the toxic spray or vapor that travels from treated fields. We're also asking officials to immediately adopt no-spray buffer zones around homes, schools, parks and daycare centers for the most dangerous and drift-prone pesticides... Children who live, go to school, and play near farms and orchards deserve to be kept safe from poisonous pesticides. Ask your congressperson to support this effort (1)."

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Pesticide Action Network

"Despite campaign promises to the contrary, President Obama has nominated to two key posts “Big Ag” industry insiders who come straight from the chemical pesticide and biotechnology sectors. We need 50,000 signatures! To make this kind of impact, PAN is joining a broad coalition of partner groups from around the country in mobilizing to block these nominations (2)."

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1. Earthjustice Action Alert:

2.PAN Take Action:

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