July 4, 2008

We the People...

"fear factor"

"An informed citizen is the only true repository of the American will" - Thomas Jefferson

What is the greatest challenge Maluia-WCMS has faced?
The single greatest challenge Maluia-WCMS has faced is fear. Our efforts address student/staff illness and the questionable manner State of Hawaii agencies have acted in investigating multiple incidents of pesticide exposure as the result of drift. Despite our altruistic objectives, intentional efforts to obfuscate the truth (as well as manipulate cultural nuances) have created a pervasive public fear to participate, share information, or ask questions about conclusions based on anecdotal evidence rather than scientific investigation. And so on this "Independence Day," Maluia-WCMS would like to share President Franklin D. Roosevelt's pearl of wisdom, "there's nothing to fear, but fear itself ." Fear is a peril of wisdom. Democracy only works when citizens are not afraid to ask questions, demand the truth, and believe in their constitutional rights. "Every man a king."

1. "The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Business Communication" by David Ingram
2. "Every Man a King" by: Huey P. Long

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