March 20, 2008


SB3170 - Epitaph For An Act

"Senate Bill 3170, which would have created pesticide-free buffer zones around schools, was amended to create a task force to study pesticides and schools. Fortunately, Syngenta Seed Co. has agreed to stop spraying fields adjacent to Waimea Canyon Middle School at least until the end of the year. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, it appears that even the concept of a task force is unacceptable to the farm, seed and pesticide lobby. The House of Representatives has referred SB3170 to three different committees, which is a sign that the proposal is unlikely to receive a hearing and thus die (1)." Senator Gary L. Hooser

1. "Guest Viewpoint" - Kaua‘i legislative update by Senator Gary L. Hooser,
2. Image: "Tombstone"

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