January 23, 2008

"A Call to Arms"

Senator Hooser has introduced a Bill that establishes a pesticide free buffer zone around elementary schools. We are trying to ensure that a "full court press" translates to the political will necessary to pass this legislation. A similar effort failed in Oregon last year because industry opponents mounted concerted opposition. The importance of preparing written testimony EARLY cannot be overstressed. The Senator has requested concerned parties provide well-crafted testimony that focuses on concerns for the health of children is of paramount importance. Include any changes that may strengthen the effectiveness of the Bill (i.e. include all schools, increase the buffer zone distance) and any references that may support your position. See http://maluiawcms.blogspot.com/ for downloadable resource articles and links. Please send written testimony to maluia-wcms@hotmail.com for forwarding.


1. "Uncle Sam"
2. Proposed Pesticide Bill

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