August 12, 2007

Subjugated Knowledge

"We are a goverment of laws, not of men." Bruce Fein

On 08/08/07 received an unsolicited e-mail from Rodney Iwasaki of the Hawaii Dept. of Education (2). In the e-mail Mr. Iwasaki did not identify his position in the D.O.E but asseverated that his correspondence represented the Department of Education's response addressing Maluia-WCMS concerns. In an effort to provide explanation of what "has occurred to ensure that students and staff will return to a safe environment at Waimea Canyon Middle School and did Syngenta break the agreement;" Mr. Iwasaki has provided evidence of a continued pattern of complacency that has been endmeic of state agency anemic response to our concerns. Below is a list of questions any logical person would consider after reading Mr. Iwasaki's e-mail:
  1. How long after Syngenta spray operations in field #809 did the environmental consultant conduct the pesticide screen?

  2. Being that you are aware of the rapid metabolism rate of the found chemical Premethrin, why were the metabolic (1/2 life) rates of known sprayed cholinesterase inhibiting chemicals by Syngenta not considered when samples were collected during the D.O.E. screening?

  3. Why did you provide a "sample" of the pesticide screen report and not the original (2)?

  4. Looking at a GoogleEarth map with a total map scale of 568ft., how do you conclude Spraying inside the demarcation line of 660 feet to the school prior to 3:30 p.m. did not occur (3)?

  5. Comparing the scaled GoogleEarth map with the video titled "Obdurate Behavior (Part 2)," , how do you conclude that it took the spray operator an hour to complete his task if working towards the school (4)?

  6. How can you state that, "in the near future, Syngenta will be installing a buffer between the school and Field 809," when in fact the hedgerow along W.C.M.S campus is being removed (6)?

  7. In the initial agreement letter Syngenta defers responsibility of establishing a "buffer" (understood to be a land easement) protecting students/staff from pesticide exposure to the landowner Kikiola Land Co.. Why is this effort not listed as a "point under discussion" with Syngenta or the landowner taking responsibility (2,5)?

  8. As a proactive measure Syngenta is "encouraging existing plants, such as the African Tulip, Date Palms and other species to act as a buffer, which will help reduce or eliminate odors caused by spraying." Isn't this an admission that pesticide is the genesis of odors believed to be causing numerous student/staff illnesses at W.C.M.S (2)?

  9. Why are Syngenta's "points still under discussion", only concerned with sharing their business model/philosophy and not an effort to exclude their application of cholinesterase inhibiting pesticide upwind of W.C.M.S as the cause of numerous repeated student/staff illnesses (that by coincidence are listed on known sprayed chemical MSDS)?

  10. Are we a government of laws, or of men/women representing corporate interests (1)?
1. Bruce Fein is a nationally recognized constitutional lawyer.
2. Rodney Iwasaki Syngenta exoneration e-mail for 02/27/07 "Obdurate Behavior"
3. GoogleEarth map of field #809
4. "Obdurate Behavior (Part 2)" video
5. Agreement Letter pg. 1 /2
6. Video (08-13-07) taken behind W.C.M.S. campus Building -T, bordering field #809
7. Painting: "The Scream" by Edvard Munch

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Anonymous said...

The Monday after this post Syngenta planted a row ... The Monday after this post Syngenta planted a row of palms along the area where previous spray operations took place. In addition Kikiola Land Co. has found reason to plant 2 trees in the gap of hedgerow that has been cleared. By coincidence(?) this is also directly in front of the window past incidents have been video tapped from.