February 2, 2017

"The Systems Rigged"

Gary Hooser was voted out, Syngenta's felon was voted in, Tim Bynum passed away; Kauai's County Council incumbents failed an integrity test, and Donald Trump became our forty fifth President. Lord help us. 

1. The Garden Island Newspaper: "State won't Regulate Pesticide"   
2. The Garden Island Newpaper: "Beth Togioka appointed to the Water Board"
3. The Garden Island Newspaper: “Councilmember Charged”

August 16, 2016

"Ipsa Historia Repetit"

History repeats itself.


Vote in the General Election.
October 10, 2016 
*Last day to register to vote for the General Election 
October 25, 2016 - November 5, 2016 
Early Walk-In Voting - General Election.Location TBD. Dates subject to change. 
November 1, 2016 
Last day to submit absentee mail application for the General Election 
NOVEMBER 8, 2016 

January 23, 2015

"Little Things Matter:"

The Impact of Toxins on the Developing Brain.

1. Lanphear, Bruce, M.d., M.P.H. "Little Things Matter: The Impact of Toxins on the Developing Brain." "Little Things Matter: The Impacts of Toxins on the Developing Brain. YouTube, n.d. Web. 23 Jan. 2015.

October 19, 2014

Conspiracy Theory

or Complacency?

Social Engineering on Kauai 

Social Engineering refers to intentional efforts which manipulate popular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale. A social engineer tries to influence attitudes, social behaviors, and resource management with targeted media messaging, influence peddling, and a strategic application of social exploitation techniques to achieve a sociopolitical agenda (1).  Social Engineering is also known as "Human Hacking".

The pesticide/GMO seed industry in Hawaii has been dynamic and relentless in it's use of social engineering techniques in pursuit of legislative indemnity, presenting misinformation to the public obfuscating truth, and as court records confirm, engaging in strategic personal attacks against academic opposition(2). The goal/objective is to ensure GMO agribusiness profit regardless of environmental impacts and public health concerns.

 The pesticide/GMO industry has created an advertising campaign portraying "the Maui County citizens initiative, which seeks a moratorium on genetically engineered agriculture until a study to analyze its health effects," as a ban on all farming (3). On the island of Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho is running regional  Pandora re-election ads perseverating the message "Action with Aloha." Juxtaposed with the labeling of  Kauaian's in support of pesticide buffer-zones and disclosure (Ordinance 960), as radicals, "anti's" as in anti-farming/agriculture, and "red-shirts" (4). On Kauai both sides have chosen representative colors, light blue (pro-industry) and red (pro-regulation). The choice of red as the new green was a gift to the sociopolitical puppeteers who have exploited the color reds association with socialism and communism in western culture.  

It is believed that Syngenta's "Human Hacking" campaign began on Kauai in August 2013 in the Kekaha Elementary School library. The accompanying manual was titled Syngenta Frameworks: How we work and achieve our goals was discovered discarded as rubbish along with accompanying flip charts. During these meetings proctored by Sue Blaske, teachers were displaced from annual beginning of the year planning conferences in the only air conditioned building on campus for a sweltering week as Syngenta's "social puppeteers" met in the school's library identifying the "Cultural Code" of Kauai's westside community. 

A communities cultural code defines a set of images, language, and beliefs that are associated with a particular set of stereotypes in our minds. These shared stereotypes are then manipulated and exploited to advance a foisted agenda on a community. The key component of the pesticide/GMO effort on Kauai is to manipulate the unique cultural nuance of a communities generational imprinted  bigotry against "haoles."  Despite a literal Hawaiian definition of "foreigner," the word "haole" has become Hawaii's equivalent racial slur to the "N" word for Caucasians.  Industries sociopolitical puppeteers have crafted an ideological message that has convinced a community that those who seek investigation, regulation, and unbiased oversight of pesticide/GMO industry ag practices are "outsiders, "anti's,""non-farmers," "hippies," and most importantly "haoles." "Haoles" attacking "local ways" and ohana. The impact and success of this covert effort has truly been Orwellian. As history has proven hate, rhetoric, and enticement are very powerful tools of influence.  

It is a bitter irony that the inception off the pesticide/GMO industries covert effort which seeks to convince a community to ignore the health and environmental impacts of pesticide use and GMO agriculture on Kauai began at a public elementary school (Kekaha Elementary School) and coincided with Bill 2491 (Ordinance 960) testimony. This event and the pesticide/GMO industries unabashed financial support of legislators who willingly kowtow to their agenda characterizes the audacity of their omnipotence. 

The "Top 5 Social Engineering Exploit Techniques" presented by Sue Blaske that fateful day at Kekaha Elementary School library surmised are: Gathering and Using Information, Creating a Hostile Situation, Familiarity Exploit, Get a Job There, and Reading Body Language (5). The pesticide/GMO industry is employing these techniques in their effort to influence Kauai Mayoral and County Council election outcomes. The goal is to have elected obsequious individuals that will ensure a continued lack of regulation and oversight. With less than 25% of the islands population achieving a bachelor's degree or higher, limited English proficiency, and the demise of the sugar cane industry; locating willing participants has not been a difficult task for industry puppeteers (6).  Syngenta's hand-picked candidate for Kauai County Council is Arthur Brun.  A convicted felon, alleged former crystal methamphetamine user, and Syngenta employee (7). His election campaign signs that litter the island of Kauai, have been up the longest outnumbering all other candidates. Kauai County Council candidates do not run by party affiliationRiding on a wave of bigoted ignorance, like minded pesticide/GMO seed obsequious candidates have combined in a cabal to ensure their spot at the trough. 

The success of industries investments to manipulate the democratic process will be judged on November 4th, 2014 Election Day.  God Bless America.  

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